Al Godsmark

Al Godsmark
Birth name
Alistair Godsmark
United Kingdom
Psychedelic Trance

Al started out listening to Happy Hardcore back in the days of Helter Skelter, buying his first vinyl of this genre at that time from Dance 2 Records in Guildford, and got a pair of second hand Soundlab DLP belt-drive turntables, with a little 2 channel Gemini mixer.

After a few years he progressed onto the Euphoric House, of the first Euphoria era in 1999.

Mostly mixing back to back with friends and pooling their records together.

He then progressed onto Hard House for a good while.

These tunes and turntables were then put away for a good number of years, until around 2013, when his love for the music returned!

He started with Trance, Funky and Deep House, and then discovered the progressive side of Trance through JOOF Editions on the south coast.

He then followed this up to Koko where he then discovered the underground Psy Trance scene, at a warehouse party.

Since that day, he has been religiously following various different purveyors of the sounds to forest parties/warehouse parties/squat parties.

His first festival was the Nosily festival, then Psy-Fi, and will be soon visiting Psy-Boutique and BOOM!

Al had purchased a Pioneer XDJ-R1 controller mid 2014, and has since been re educating himself mixing techniques.

Upgraded to the XDJ-RX October 2015, and putting in the hours whenever possible.