Andy Force

Andy Force
Birth name
Andy Force
United Kingdom
Psychedelic Trance

Andy Force
Co-founder and resident DJ of the popular Astral Circus parties, Andy Force has earned a reputation as a proficient and versatile DJ who has mastered an array of styles in the psychedelic sound.

Treading the fine line between the creative, boundary pushing elements of Psychedelic music, and expressive dance-floor moods, Andy’s sets build like a story that explores your imagination – demanding energy and passion as they unravel!

Andy’s experience in the music industry stretches back over a decade, working in clubs since not long after leaving school, going on to event promotion, and after teaching himself to DJ he started playing out in 2006, learning the trade in the days of vinyl mixing and back-breaking record bags!

Currently, Andy’s favoured music styles can be understood as ‘full on Psy Trance with a Goa twist’ ‘funky and driving dark progressive’ and ‘techy psychedelic progressive Trance’ – and all sorts in-between.

Now clocking up regular gigs at various festivals and parties, mainly in London but also around the UK and parts of Europe, he is still more motivated by the desire to bring good music to the masses than being able to spout a long list of high profile names he has played alongside.

If pressed, he would probably mention that he has handed over the decks to artists like Ace Ventura, Man with No Name and Chris Liberator– but would keenly mention that that fact has far more to do with their talent than his!