Birth name
Attila Bekefi
Psychedelic Trance

Attika (36) is a Hungarian born DJ / Mixing performer from Leeds.
He always been close to electronic music since the beginning of 90’s.
He was a big fan of Depeche Mode and EBM groups then the 90’s pop-rave groups like the German Scooter and the well know big Trance DJs like Paul Oakenfold or Paul van Dyk. “Trance music is always in my heart.” He said.
Attika joined to the Psychedelic Trance scene in the end of 2015 when he started his – called – Octopus Trance Radio with different shows. Month by month the PsyCursion show provides the latest releases of Progressive Psy Trance and full-on Psy Trance tracks.
Attika has his own mixing style spiced with his special taste of music. “The harmonic mixing sounds good, but for me it is too boring. I like the waves.
The ups and downs where your mind can go deeper or just kicked up with an extreme tune or beats.
Just like an electric shock. For me the most important is to do everything from my heart.
I don’t watch how the others perform. I have my own way whatever it is.”
His effort brought it’s first fruit in January 2017. When he was asked by Yahel Chabs to have a guestmix on his radio show and it’s been coveraged worldwide.
He aimed to play live in some event in his first year and he succeed. Attika and his work has been noticed by organisers in North of England and he’s been invited to play a couple of times on their events.
“I really appreciate for the invites. Of course none of my live shows went easy, multiple of technical issues and weather problems were on.
In the end of the day I was able to play both events and I’ve enjoyed every moments of it.”
He also tasted the music production. “That’s a real challenge for me as I had zero musical knowledge. I din’t even know what a track key means (laugh). With small steps I’m learning and sooner or later I will be able to release my own sounds and tracks and play them live of course.
To be a Dj like a pro is not that easy. And to produce is a much bigger task.
Perform them all live is just a dream yet. But I’m sure one day you can hear the results.”
At the beginning of 2017 Attika has won the PSYMERA’s “upcoming DJ” competition and he will open the famous London event in March 2017.
What we can expect from him as an opening DJ? “Let me quote from my good friend and collage DJ Fürtee: ‘I’m a kind of a DJ who doesn’t believe in warm up and condemns the derivation.’ I am the same.So what you can expect? Banging tunes for the whole hour.
It’s a milestone for me.I feel myself honoured and privileged in the same time.
I will do everything from my side to provide a quality enjoyment for everybody at PSYMERA.
I can’t thank enough that I’ll be a part of an event like that. Can’t wait”