Digital Dimensions

Digital Dimensions
Birth name
Jorge Miguel Afonso
Psychedelic Trance

Hello everone,
im actually back producing on Cubase and I have made my way into a new concept of inspiration and soon music will be released and I am on the way to make a new album which will be called ” Paraisos Artificiais ” , for the moment I don’t want to disclose much more of the idea and the album it self but you can expect something wicked, Psychedelic and on the range of 150 – 155 bpm.

Its with great join that i take this step, Digital Dimensions project has been on the road for a few years now and after the last release in 2010 The Wicked One on Digilize Records, there has been a silence in terms of music release. My personal life has made me take a few choices that led me into this silence, but I have always been producing music, there was just simply nothing to show… and as nothing in life lasts forever, again, I am glad to finally came out of the darkness and embraced inspiration. The only thing I can leave you guys with, friends and family and everyone else that has followed my steps all this way and thru out this years, has a performer, dj and producer. to all of them, I do this. because I am artist and artists make music, so now is time for release.
I have also noticed that the market has changed and all the lable approach to the market as well to the artist, as thing evolve, so we do also. I have taken also this matter into consideration, as i said the market has changed and if its worth doing it, its worth doing it right, so I am actually looking for a lable that might be interested in supporting this new idea and upcoming album.
With this statement I pretend to open a connection with old and new friends and being open to ear about there propositions and suggestions that might come to a good agreement.
So yes, I am actually looking for a lable to promote my work, never the less and I have done it before, this album will come out any way, even if I have to be the one, or the only one promoting it.
Thanks to all that have supported my music and expect some wicked sick sick tunes music soon !
Jan 2017, London”

Digital Dimensions is the new project from Jorge Miguel Afonso, born in Portugal in 1979 and at the age of 13 he was already very interested in music and technology, as result of many years of diferent kinds of music, style, and after the influences of the new age electronic music, he has worked in collaboration with many artists and he is also a formal member of Digitalphase.
Jorge Miguel Afonso joined audio school Academia in 2008 ( ) and he has recently finish his degree in Audio Production and Audio Technologies. In order to fill up his interest in music, he as created his solo project Digital Dimensions, fast bpm, psychadelic ambient and strong kick and fat basslines. After his tour to Isreal in 2007, Jorge Miguel Afonso decides to go into the studio and starts to produce tracks like ´´emergency´´ released on the Digital Drugs 5 v.a by Digital Drugs Coalition (a sub lable of Geomagnetic Records) as well as ´´The Alquimist´´ in Psychosomatic v.a compiled by Tricossoma and also released by Digital Drugs Coalition.
Jorge Miguel also worked in colaboration with Serge Prilepa (aka Fungus Funk & Astroff ) and togheter they produced ++Lost Emotions´´ a track that come out on Fungus Funk album. Jorge Miguel as released is first solo EP ”The Wicked One” under the shadow of Recrystalized Records, a lable from Uk, also. Jorge Miguel is working on new collaborations and soon more music will be releasedon Recrystalized Records!