Dj BeHolder

Dj BeHolder
Birth name
Ben Holder
United Kingdom
Psychedelic Trance

Ben discovered his love for dance music at the age of 17 whilst playing around with a pair of belt drive turntables at a friends party. From then on his love affair with all things music, and mixing, which has now spanned over 20 years, incorporating past genres such as jungle, hard, electro and progressive house music, had begun.

At the age of 19 Ben went to Goa, and as a result, his passion for everything Psychedelic began. On return to the UK Ben and a group of friends founded UFO events and started organising outdoor marquee parties in Kent, shindigs along the South Coast and beach party events in Koh Phanghan, Thailand.

In 2013 Bens debut in the London underground Psy Scene came at The Dreamcode Project playing alongside Avalon.

Progressline London were quick to spot Bens potential and quickly made him one of their residents
This provided a wealth of experience for him as it allowed him to play alongside legendary acts such as Symbolic, Egorythmia, Sonic Sense, Etic, Aquafeel, Sonic Species and Hi Profile.

Since then, he has had appeared for some of the best known London promotions such as Elixir of Life, Carry on Regardless, This is Sparta, Psy-Co Operative and The Psychedelic Way, ProgressLine and, most recently, Psymera.

The DJ BeHolder sound is predominantly progressive to full on Psy trance with a focus on phat groovy basslines and beautiful atmospheric sounds and vocals.

DJ BeHolder’s future plans include more DJ performances around the UK and Europe, production releases, radio and festival organisation.