Dj Kallima

Dj Kallima
Birth name
Charlie Busby
United Kingdom
Psychedelic Trance

Kallima started on Psy Trance in 2007, but only found a love of DJing in late 2013.

After quickly developing a unique style of mixing & playlist, she started to play parties in London & Brighton.

After a year of performing, she has played at Iconic Festivals & events such as Boomtown & Elixir Of Life, quickly building a reputation across the UK & international scenes.

Her elaborate mixing style combined with a selection of twisted euphoric full-on has given her an edge which she continues to build on and evolve, playing at any time of the day or night.

She loves fast basslines with melodic grooves and seamlessly merges these with darker or softer tracks to keep any dance floor thriving.

She is currently a label DJ for H20 Records.