Dj Sutekh

Dj Sutekh
Birth name
Graham Geomatrix
United Kingdom
Psychedelic Trance

Part of the world renowned Bom Shanka Music label, Sutekh brings his vast and extensive knowledge of the global dance music scene to the dance floor.

Having blasted countless parties and festivals across the world and having performed alongside almost all of the biggest Trance act’s in the scene, he is widely know for his impeccable track selection and sophisticated mixing skills.

Sutekh has mastered the art of mixing cutting edge Psychedelic grooves with deep twisted sounds, keeping it funky while empowering the dance floor with energy.

With a natural ability to read the crowd and adapt, his sets are a privilege for everyone’s ears.

His art goes far beyond music as he has also helped build and design some of the worlds greatest Trance dance floors, as well as producing artworks for countless record labels, events and promotions.

This is one DJ not to be missed!