Melodic Noise

Melodic Noise
Birth name
Dyego Melo
Psychedelic Trance

Melodic Noise is a thriving new talent who proves time and time again with his upfront Psy Trance performance that there are some really special djs out there.
Brazilian born found himself on the shores of the uk.
Finding his way through life the London Psy scene took over for him and in 2012 set make his mark.
Playing at many prestigious clubs and many Warehouse events with many well known artists.
This is one guy to always make sure your on the on the floor when he performs.
Melodic Noise also showcases his talent at his presidency in London’s only full on monthly Psy Trance “ Cohesion “.
Now on the Enterrec label.
We shold start to see a few European performance to arise.