Sean Spindrift

Sean Spindrift
Birth name
Sean Spindrift
United Kingdom
Psychedelic Trance

Sean, who is a label DJ for Furthur Progression Records, and is co-promoter for Planet Bob’s Chai Emporium. He has been in and around the London party scene since 1995, firstly, as a party-goer before getting involved with promoting Astral Phoenix at Tyssen Street in East London becoming a familiar face handing out flyers every weekend.
He also worked as décor crew for Kundalini events.

He began DJing Chill-out music in 2004 for Eartheart Cafe and Planet Bob’s Chai Emporium, playing at events and festivals including Glade and in the green fields at Glastonbury.

By 2008 he was a regular at The Synergy Project @ SE 1 DJing and playing percussion.
He joined the band Orchid Star as percussionist after a stint with Native Horizon, touring with the band over the next few years, playing again at Glade and Glastonbury, Boom and as far a way as Vladivostok.
He also stage managed at events such as Offworld & Cosmo Festivals in the UK and at Vibe Festival, Czech Republic, and has been a supportive member of Planet Bob’s Chai Emporium ever since, now being percussionist of the band Lemon Tree headed by Planet Bob’s founder Paul Bacon.

With the smoking ban came change for many of us and had a massive impact on the London scene so by 2009 Sean began playing Progressive Trance, working his way to becoming a prominent force on the dance floor.
He has in the past played at many events in and around London, with regular slots Tribal Village and Cohesion, also has been playing regularly for Freak Bazaar in Brighton and Tribe of Frog in Bristol plus a familiar name in the festival curcuit playing at Boomtown, Equinox, Summer Gathering. Triplicity and Beatherder.

His work life has been entwined with the sea for over 30 years, crossing oceans and being a bit of a salty dog, while his musical roots hark back to halcyon days of Northern Soul in the Mod and Scooter scene of the 80’s, the ska and industrial scene of North America in the early 90’s plus heavy influences of classical, 80’s electronic music, funk, jazz, blue beat, acid house, acid jazz and techno.