Birth name
Daniel Thomas
United Kingdom
Psychedelic Trance

Sinerider is quickly becoming one of the leading artists in the Psychedelic music scene as we know it today.

Since the release of his debut album “pure tones”, Sinerider has been touring the globe blasting huge dance floors with his unique, cutting edge sound.

Now back in the studio and preparing for 2016 the journey continues and the music evolves into something even more. This year expect chakra shaking new solo tracks, as well as exciting new collaborations and remixes with artists such as Waio, Earthling and Materia.

In June 2014 Sinerider presented “Pure Tones”. The highly anticipated full length release which will blast sound systems worldwide this summer and beyond. This epic collection of choice cuts from the man himself delivers smooth yet hard hitting Psy Trance carefully executed, each one with its own identity.

Collaborations with Sonic Species, Materia, EEon and Criptik are amoung some solid Sinerider solo tracks and a remix of Rinkadink’s Blaster “Anyone seen Bender?”

Emerging onto the world circuit again this year. With his new album and some serious VA releases coming up later this year. Sinerider is locked on and loaded to blast…