Birth name
J B Hyde
United Kingdom
Psychedelic Trance

JB (aka Subzero)’s love for trance was heavily inspired by the Godfathers of Trance – Above & Beyond.
The Trance scene – The Trance family – became his family. A place where JB felt accepted and understood.
This passion and love for the scene saw JB spending 6 hours a night, locked in his room – perfecting and homing his DJ skills – until they were top draw. Subzero’s DJ career kicked off with a bang in 2013 when he had the honour of securing his first ever DJ gig at the legendary Ministry of Sound! The gig was for a party called CTRL, where the promoters were so impressed with his skills; they gave him a residency! After that, with a growing fan base and confidence; Subzero was conquering all the big Trance parties including Trance Sanctuary and Elevation Audio to name a few.
In 2015 as JB explored the depths of Trance further – he was captured by the mind expanding, spiritual, powerful sounds of Psychedelic Trance.
A trip to the enchanted Boom Festival in 2016 had him hooked and a chance encounter at a party called ‘Our Evolution’ (hosted by the infamous Mutagen Records & This Is Sparta) – saw him playing an impromptu Psy-trance DJ set – his first Psy- Trance DJ set – where he was trusted to close the party!
Subzero catapulted the dance floor to another dimension, and since then has been a firm fixture in the underground Psy-Trance scene with future bookings seeing him grace the decks at Neptune Sounds Forest Party, PSYMERA and Psyaliens. For Subzero – music really did transform his life, and this epiphany is transcended to the crowd in every set he plays!
The kind and friendly welcome that JB encountered at his first Psy-Trance party is reflected back to his audience; through the music he plays, the warmth that he shows and the energy he emanates.
Subzero feels the music through every vein in his body and his spirit is both captivating and infectious!
The future looks bright and the temperature’s rising for Subzero!