Thursday 31/08 – Gates open at 2.00pm and the last entry is at 10.00pm

Friday 01/09- Gates open at 10.00am and the last entry is at 11.00pm

Saturday 02/09 – Gates open at 10.00am and the last entry is at 11.00pm

Sunday 03/09- Gates open at 10.00am and the last entry is at 5.00pm

You can leave the site atfer 10pm, but can only enter during the hours stated above.

Main Stage:
Thursday 31st August 6:00pm till 11:00pm
Friday 1st September- 11:00am till 03:00am
Saturday 2nd September- 11:00am till 03:00am
Sunday 3rd September- 11:00am till 11:00pm

You can camp on-site from 2.00pm on Thursday 31/08 until 2.00pm on Monday 4/09.

We ask that every attendee and camper respect the land owner’s wishes of ‘Leave No Trace’.
This means we must all take responsibility for ourselves. Pick up after ourselves and ensure we leave the beautiful site as we found it.

… that is put your rubbish in the bins provided and take all of your belongings home.

Food/drink vendors will be open on Thursday noon.

Music starts at 6:00pm  on Thursday .

The car park is next to the camping field.

‘Leave No Trace’ means leave the beautiful land exactly as you found it … clean and undamaged.

We all love to dance in beautiful surroundings. We are all adults and it is the responsibility of each of us to ensure that what is brought on to the site goes back with you. So be sure to take all of your camping equipment and belongings with you. Take home your food containers, rubbish and recycling.

Additionally, there will be bins and recycling points throughout the festival site for waste generated by the festival activities.
We ask that you dispose of your rubbish considerately.
It only takes a few seconds and makes sure we all have a lovely clean environment to party in.

We have asked all the caterers and stallholders to use only recyclable materials and no single use plastic.
The bars will be using plant based compostable cups. We encourage you to bring your own cup and/or reusable drink bottle.

This means … NO GLASS and NO NO2 canisters (see further info on both below).

Bring the energy you expect to find and leave nothing but smiles.

Management reserves the right to refuse entry at any time, also reserves the right to remove any person at at time.

Yes, however you are only allowed to bring up to 4 cans of cider, beer or mixers, OR 1 bottle of wine.
Please ensure you decant your drinks into recyclable plastic bottles or purchase boxed/tetra cartons.

The bar prices are competitive and will offer a wide range of beer, wine, spirits, ciders and soft drinks.

No. The use of nitrous oxide for recreational purposes is illegal under the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016.
It also causes a lot of litter and the canisters cannot be recycled. DO NOT bring it. We will hear the jingle as you get to the gate and pass through security.

Remember … we have to respect the land and ‘Leave No Trace’.

No. Renegade sound systems and/or stages are not permitted. If found they will be impounded and returned at the end of the festival.

Under the terms of the site license, we are only permitted to play amplified music from 11:00am until 3:00am daily.

Small portable speakers are permitted, however we do ask that you show consideration for your campsite neighbours and keep any after hours partying volumes down.
There is plenty of time to party (and to make up for lost party time from lockdown) as we have planned 47 house of PsyTrance on the main stage, plus over 45 hours of music on the alternative stage!!

We also want to ensure everyone gets at least a few hours R&R each night so they can party hard every day and go strong until 3:00am.

While we love animals  unfortunately they are not allowed.
This goes for all animals/pets. 

If you have a guide dog, please message us or send an email to enzo@psymera.co.uk.

Sorry, but no. Gas stoves and/or BBQ’s are not permitted in the camp site as they present a fire risk and can scorch the beautiful land.
Campervan owners with built in cookers may use them in the safety of their mobile homes. 

Never fear, there are a number of very tasty and affordable food vendors on site.

We have some seriously tasty dance-fuelling food vendors on board that have years of psychedelic festival catering experience ranging from:

Dirty Dogs/Dirty fries
Jacket Potato Various Fillings
Chili & Rice
& More

Yes, We will have competitive bar prices and will offer a wide range of beer, wine, spirits, ciders and soft drinks.
we will accept cash or card.

In addition to the full service and fully stocked barplus a cafe serving teas, coffees and other tasty warm beverages.



Weapons – Large knives or other objects deemed weapons will be confiscated.

Glass – Glass is not allowed anywhere on site – it will be confiscated.

Barbecues – They scorch the ground and can cause fires very easily.

Chinese Lanterns – Or any type of lantern apart from battery powered camping ones.

Nitrous Oxide – Not only is it illegal, it causes large amounts of litter and the canisters can’t be recycled.
Please don’t bring it.
We will hear that unmistakable jingle.

Sound System – Small portable speakers are permitted.

Good vibes, a smile and an open mind!

Comfy dancing shoes



Toothbrush and toothpaste

Hand sanitiser

A tent

A sleeping bag

A torch and batteries

Warm clothes for partying at night time

Some money and backup cash card in case you lose your main one!

Summers nights in the English countryside can get a little chilly at night, so be sure to pack some warm clothing, even if it’s forecast for good weather during the day.

Be sure to check the weather report before packing. We recommend packing some wet weather attire (wellies/waterproof jacket/poncho), just in case we get an unexpected drop of rain (or more).

No. Due to fire risk, health and safety no unauthorised fire juggling is allowed.
If you are a fire performer please get in touch with enzo@psymera.co.uk.


Yes. There are free shower and toilet facilities on site.

Yes, the weekend wristband will allow you to leave and re-enter the site.
If you are staying close by we ask that you walk, catch public transport or get a taxi to the site to help reduce traffic entering/leaving.

Please be sure to observe the gate open/close times when leaving the site.

Thursday  – Gates open at 2.00pm and last entry is at 10.00pm

Friday  – Gates open at 10.00am and last entry is at 11.00pm

Saturday- Gates open at 10.00am and last entry is at 11.00pm

Sunday  – Gates open at 10.00am and last entry is at 5.00pm

You can leave the site after 10:00pm, but can only enter during the hours stated above

The music level will drop down in sound level after 11.00 pm it is recommended that this is graduated.
Between 11.00pm and 00.00 midnight the MNL at the nearest noise sensitive premises should not exceed 55 dB and from 00.00 midnight to 03.00am the MNL at the nearest noise sensitive premises should not exceed 45 dB.


Please plan your journey in advance using Google Maps and https://tfl.gov.uk


The Psymera site is the .
Oxwick Farm, Yate, Wickwar, Bristol, BS37 6PA

Nearest station: Yate Bristol



You can find us on Google Maps by searching ‘PSYMERA Festival’. Google Maps will pin point the start of the driveway to the site.

Nearest station: Yate Bristol

Please plan your journey in advance using Google Maps and https://tfl.gov.uk

The standard pitch size is 5m x 5m.

If you need more space please purchase 2 x van/motor home tickets.

No. All food and drink vendors will accept card. Some market stall vendors will also have card facilities.

Yes. Day tickets give you access for the day you choose from when gates open at 10am until the music ends 3am the next morning. 

If you are driving and plan on drinking then be sure to get a camping ticket so you can pitch a tent and sleep off the booze before attempting to drive home.
We don’t expect you to be off site until 
12pm, so it’s better to be slept and safe, than to be sorry.

Please be sure you plan your journey home and that you are mindful of the gate opening and last entry times.

You can buy day tickets for:


Full Weekender Tickets 

From PSYMERA – https://buytickets.at/psymera/739296

All eTickets are issued automatically at the time of purchase by our ticket system (TicketTailor), so please check your emails immediately.

If you can‘t see your eTicket please check your trash/spam filter for emails from:



Order complete: PSYMERA Festival Weekender

If you need further support please contact enzo@psymera.co.uk

We operate a strict zero tolerance policy on drug use and possession.
All guests to the event will be searched upon entry, any drugs found will be confiscated, the offending patron detained and the police informed.
Locked amnesty bins will be provided at the entrance to the campsite and the entrance to the arena to encourage any attendees carrying drugs to hand them in.

We advise all ticket sellers/buyers to beware of scammers and to exercise caution when conducting these transaction.

* Multi-artist events may include changes in line up or venue which do not constitute material change, and therefore do not qualify for a refund.